Homeopathy for Earache

"Earache can be a very unpleasant experience for many babies, children and some adults. Generations of clients have used our range of Vibronic homeopathy for earache, including where it develops after a cold, infection, while teething, or middle ear congestion.
Whether your child is experiencing earache for the first time or you're suffering a recurring and persistent problem, we're here to help. The remedies are completely safe, drug-free, pleasant to taste and simple to administer.
Alongside our homepathy for earache, you may also be interested in our homeopathic kits for children, babies, and preganant mothers, which come with a selection of remedies covering the most common ailments, ready for anytime that they are needed."
Sue Fuller, D.Hom, FIGN(Med), Managing Practitioner


Licensed Vibronic
Homeopathy for Earache
The Centre's kit includes:
  • Five bottles of licensed Vibronic Homeopathy for earache;
  • A telephone consultation (approx 15 - 20 mins) with one of our highly experienced practitioners;
  • Full written instructions;
  • A high quality storage box;
  • Postage to your home or other convenient address.
To place an order, please Contact Us in order to book a convenient telephone appointment.

Why ask the Kesteven Natural Health Centre for help?
  • The Centre's practitioners provide a professional, friendly, practical and caring approach to the health of you and your family. We are able to draw on many years of experience offering expert help and advice on complementary therapies to generations of clients following our establishment in 1969;
  • We are licensed by the UK's Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency to supply our unique range of Vibronic Homeopathy under the Medicines Acts of 1968 and 1971;
  • Our full telephone service means that we can help wherever you live within the UK or elsewhere;
  • See our testimonials page or feel free to ask us to put you in touch with some of our previous and ongoing clients. For example, Mrs C B of Lincoln, a mother of three, said: "The remedies have never failed us. Kesteven Natural Health Centre is definitely our first port of call when illness occurs and I don't know what we would do without it."

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