Can you tell me more about the remedies?

The Centre provides a unique range of over one thousand remedies, known as Vibronic Homeopathy, that are designed to maintain and support the balance of vital energy within people, plants and animals. In particular, the remedies have been developed and researched over many years to provide the stimulus necessary to promote the internal processes of regulation, regeneration, recovery and resistance. The Centre is committed to using the remedies as part of an integrated approach that takes account of diet and nutrition, exercise and relaxation, environment and pollution, stress, emotions and attitude. Please Contact Us for further information. Each bottle contains sufficient pillules for approximately 4 to 6 weeks supply at medium to high usage.

Are the remedies safe for all to use?
All of our remedies are an advanced form of homeopathy, known as Vibronic homeopathy. They are free from all chemicals and drugs, have no adverse side-effects and can be given to people of all ages, including during pregnancy. There are a small number of occasions when we would not recommend the use of our remedies at the same time as specific orthodox drugs are being used. If in any doubt, please contact us or ask your General Practitioner for advice.
How do I take the remedies?
Each order is accompanied by information about how to administer the remedies, which varies depending upon the circumstances. In general, the pills can be swallowed or alternatively added to drinking water in which they will gradually dissolve. The remedies can be best stored for up to three years in dry conditions at room temperature, preferably in a storage box of some kind. As a result, you can be confident that they will be ready for whenever you need them. Please Contact Us if you would like to discuss the best way of administering the remedies.
How much does it cost?
We aim to provide an affordable service to make the remedies as widely available as possible. Our homeopathy kits range in price from ?5 including a short consultation, remedies, a storage box and postage. More comlex conditions require a full consultation with one of our practitioners (up to 60 mins) which costs ?5 including your first set of remedies, storage box and postage. A follow-up consultation costs either ?0 or ?5 depending on whether further remedies are required. The Centre’s remedies are available to buy separately at ?.50 each (plus p&p on orders under ?0) and contain sufficient pillules for approximately 4 to 6 weeks supply at medium to high usage.
When should I contact my GP?
It is always advisable to contact your GP if you become concerned about the health of yourself or a dependent member of your family. Many GPs are becoming increasingly open-minded about the benefits of an integrated approach to medicine and we encourage you to discuss your interest and requirements with them.
Do you have a different question?
Please Contact Us.

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