Practitioner Services

The Centre places great importance on the value of building relationships with health practitioners from all disciplines who may be interested in integrating homeopathy into their practice.

What we can offer you?

There is no charge to become an Associate of the Centre, which then gives you access to: 
  • Homeopathy that is high quality, affordable, simple to administer, drug-free and safe for all ages, used by generations nationwide;
  • Easy-to-use information sheets that allow either practitioners or clients to choose the appropriate remedies.
  • Buy at our lowest possible trade prices in recognition of the likelihood that you will place larger and more frequent orders than the clients that we supply directly;
  • Receive ongoing support via our telephone practitioner-line, which is staffed by highly experienced homeopaths who can answer any queries that you may have about choosing the best remedies;
  • Absolutely no tie-ins and no minimum orders;
  • Free online training materials that are available to any health practitioner who is interested in integrating homeopathy into their practice.
  • Regular invites to training courses and information days, for which we issue a certificate of attendance. Most of our courses are offered either free of charge or for a modest cost in order to cover the venue and refreshments only. We are also available to help anyone who would like to discuss their training needs and career goals in detail.
If you would like to discuss our remedies or how we may be able to help you complement your practice, please Contact Us today.

Interested in training?

The Centre publishes a wide range of training materials and holds regular courses aimed at health practitioners of varying levels of experience ranging from beginner to expert. Please see our Training page for further information.

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